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Excellent Quality

We sell only the highest quality plants and materials grown and produced by experienced professionals. Not your run of the mill plants thrown around on carts but individually placed in our nursery to carefully carried to your vehicle or delivered to your home.

Excellent Services

Our sales staff is knowledgeable and helpful. We will try to give you individual attention for whatever your needs, and if we don’t know something…
we will try to find out to give you the right answer, not just any.

Excellent Selection

With nearly 4 acres of space, we are able to provide our customers with choices. Choices of color, size, species… choices of native plants and exotic varieties. Whatever your looking for and is suitable for our climate, Coral Springs Nursery should have it.


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Saint Augustine Sod

Varieties depend on season:
Floratam Sod – best used in rainy season because it is fungus resistant. Best used in sunny areas.

Palmetto Sod – can be used inshade or sun. Monitor water usage for best results.

Fresh Sod Delivered Every Week Day
Covers 480-500 Square feet; Approx. 180 pieces
Due to sod production increase and further freight distance, we will be increasing our prices effective 4/6/2018
Sod by Pallet: $205.00

Sod price per piece: $1.75

Sod can be delivered. Fee $50 to $100

Sod Pallets are Non refundable.

Shrubs & Hedges

We have several sizes and shapes of topiaries. Spirals, two balls, three balls, cones, and multi balls to name a few. Sizes ranging from 3 gallon to specimen size 45 gallons. Seasonal color always in stock with the largest selection of fresh annuals!

Fertilizer / Supplies

Coral Springs Nursery carries only the highest quality fertilizers on the market today. Fertilizers to meet the needs of our less than quality soil that we have in South Florida. Our “BEST” brand fertilizer is produced by Lesco, a top name to all landscape professionals,


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