Local Delivery

    How our Local Delivery Works:

    sod pallet dump
    We have our own in-house delivery team that performs all of our local deliveries. Local delivery consists of specific areas within Broward and South West Palm Beach County. Our crew is experienced and trained to handle your order properly and with care.

    Need Sod, Mulch, Rock, Plants or Soil?

    Our Delivery charges are as follows:

    • $50.00 per truck, per trip charge within a 10 mile radius of our location: This includes Coral Springs, Margate, Tamarac, Parkland , Coconut Creek and West Boca. There is a $50 charge per trip as some deliveries may involve more than one trip based on the volume of items purchased.
    • $75.00 charge for areas outside of our 10 mile radius. We do not service areas south of Commercial Blvd. and North of Glades, or east of Federal Highway.


    • All Sod deliveries for the above charges that area a full pallet or more, will be “as carefully as possible” delivered by dump truck and dropped from the rear of the truck. Truck will release sod in driveway or in front yard only. There will be some broken pieces. Although some pieces may end up rolled upside down, the sod is still usable , but may require a little more care while installing.


    • SHOULD you choose to have delivery with a forklift (or Bobcat in our case) there will be an additional charge of $150 at which point up to 8 pallets can be delivered and placed in one trip. There will be no deliveries to a “back Yard” unless a prior arrangement is made and access is achievable.

    Once you arrange for delivery, our staff will call you in the morning prior to our driver leaving. Contact must be made to confirm someone is home before our driver leaves. Deliveries are scheduled according to the order in which they are received.

    Please note that our deliveries are strictly a driveway-drop only. Due to insurance reasons, our employees are not allowed to carry items throughout your yard. Please do not ask them to do so. If you have extenuating circumstances where an items must be placed, please contact us prior to delivery to discuss this. Please note that if this service is required or additional staff is needed, there may be an additional charge.